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Board of Directors Corner

Spring is almost here! It is so nice to see people outside again, enjoying the backyards and playgrounds (even when we still have some snow and mud everywhere).

Now that it is the season to be outside I want to invite you to take care of one another. We all know that unfortunately CTC is susceptible to crime as is any neighborhood or area. One of the most effective ways to prevent occurrences, is to have an active Community Safety Patrol watch, in addition to watching out for neighbors and committing to reporting any and all incidents to UMPD. Residents are the eyes and ears of the community. Formulating a neighborly buddy walk and watch system for those walking home late at night or simply committing to looking out for suspicious activity regularly from the window and calling the Police if necessary will help everyone in CTC.  

To contact the police, just call 911 and identify to the dispatcher you live in University campus housing. As faster you call, the faster the response from UMPD will be and more likely to catch the suspect. Please don’t hesitate to call them, is freeand they are there to take care of our community. When you call, the more patrol will be seen on our property. 

Also, a community wide education reminder to lock doors and windows and use of the safety window pins, to prevent access. The proper use of the door and window locks/pins is a sufficient security measure, it becomes the action of the residents to proactively utilize these safety measures. It is imperative to lock all windows and doors at night and away from home. In addition, the use window pins is encouraged when home as well. 

I encourage you to get to know your neighbors, then you will recognize an outsider of the community. Also, participate in National Night Out (August). There, you can meet the Police, ask questions, and mingle with your neighbors. 

If you are interested in being part of a Community Safety Patrol Watch – contact 651-646-7526or email:

Another contribution for safety, not only for crime, but for safety in playgrounds 2019 spring/summer season we are introducing a pilot community outreach and safety initiative with intent to foster and build unified connections within the community and dismantling the previous seasonal occurrences of bullying within the playground groups of kids. This comes as a response to internal conversations and community input; to the monitoring of the playground activity and helping to lessen the tensions on the playgrounds, as well as safety components within the community. The goal of the Community Outreach Liaison is to incorporate programming initiatives with outside resource professionals and parents, to provide education for creating a safe and positive community engagement of neighbors. The Community Outreach Liaison, will also serve as active on site presence for safety patrol monitoring of any suspicious activity during the commonly peak seasonal increase of potential criminal activity. 

Our Maintenance Support Tech, Josh Ciesynski will serve as our 2019 Community Outreach and Safety Liaison during weekday evenings and weekend hours beginning late April/early May.