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Newly expanded academic eligibility to live at CTC! Call our office at 651-646-7526 to learn more.

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Community Announcements

24 hours maintenance emergency dial 651-646-7526


Wednesday February 17th and Thursday February 18th, 2016
GARAGE AREA - behind CTC office
8:00 am – 5:00 pm

ALL residents REQUIRED to exchange- members and non-members

Extinguishers not exchanged will be charged $20.00

Holiday Office Hours 2015-2016
CTC Office will be closed in Observance of the following Holidays

Wednesday 12/23 - CLOSE at 2:30pm
Thursday 12/24 - CLOSED
Friday 12/25 - CLOSED

New Year's Eve
Thursday 12/31 - CLOSED

New Year's Day
Friday 1/1 - CLOSED

Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Monday 1/18 - CLOSED

Safety Patrol Invitation – Community Crime Watch

Thank you to all who attended the Community Safety Meeting on December 3rd.
The CTC Community is encouraged to get involved in building and maintaining a safe community through a Safety Patrol Watch. Walking through the property evenings/nights in teams, formulating a neighborly buddy walk and watch system for those walking home late at night or simply committing to looking out for suspicious activity regularly from the window and calling 911 if necessary.
CTC coming together to stand against crime builds a stronger and safer community. Be part of the commitment of standing together.
If you are interested in being part of a Community Safety Patrol Watch – contact 651-646-7526 or email:
Always remember if something looks suspicious call 911. Be aware of your surroundings.

Snow Removal & Winter Parking – Planning in advance
Snow Removal: Resident Responsibilities
Residents - INCLUDING NON-MEMBERS - are responsible for shoveling the front and back walkways of their apartment building to the main sidewalk. One-bedroom building residents are responsible for shoveling the entry way area and walkway out to the main side walk.
Shovels are provided and placed throughout the Wards. Sand barrels are available throughout property for resident use on icy walkways – see location map

*PLEASE NOTE: shovels need to be shared (There are not enough shovels for every household, on average there should be roughly 4 shovels per building - except for the one-bedroom buildings; everyone must share the shovels and place back in a common place when finished). Be sure to look around the entire ward area (Front and Back of buildings to locate shovels) as well as the curb areas near parking spaces. Often times shovels are left in the snow banks near the parking spaces. Please do not leave shovels flat on the ground, as they are then buried in snow and unable to be found. Leave them propped up against the building.
Please be kind and be sure to do your share of the shoveling! In the great mid-west this is a gesture of appreciation and kindness. Cooperatively everyone must participate in this act of labor. Thank you all for your cooperation. All your help will make for a smooth winter transition and survival.

Winter Parking at CTC

Traveling over winter months: If you travel over the winter months be sure to make arrangements for your vehicle to be moved in case of snow emergency to avoid being towed. Contact CTC Office about the winter “Snow Bird” parking area available on a first come first served basis. Parking fees will apply.

Snow Emergencies: will be declared on an as needed basis with advance notice
Parking on Gibbs Ave: If you park on Gibbs Ave please do not over park the curbs along the walk ways to allow for the U of M Land Care to properly remove snow from the sidewalks along Gibbs. Please park 3 feet back from curb to give enough room for the snow removal machines to clear the walkways.

Upcoming CTC Event Reminders

Toddler Time
Tuesdays at 10am Community Center Play Room
Did you know we have a Play Room in the Community Center building?
Check out a key at the CTC front desk to use the Play Room.
The Play Room is open to all CTC residents.

Cooking Class
Thursday December 17, 2015 6:00pm
Upstairs Kitchen in the Community Center Building
If you're interested in performing a cooking demonstration yourself, please email

End of the Semester Happy Hour (18+)
Friday, December 18, 2015
Starting at 7:00PM -10:00PM
Community Center - Upstairs Kitchen

Find all CTC events on our Events Calendar at

Moving Out? Be sure to submit vacate form 60 days in advance and review move out checklist and guidelines Learn more

CTC Classifieds

Have items for Sale - looking for sale items? CTC Classifieds online is available for all CTC residents.
If you are a current CTC resident selling or wanting to purchase items
Email your information to to be posted