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Claim Tagged Items

In August, certain personal belongings in public spaces will be tagged. Claim your tagged items by August 31 by writing your contact information on the tag - otherwise these items will be removed. If there is no tag, then no action is required. 

Tagging for Claim Day

Claim Day is a way for CTC to determine which outdoor items belong to individuals that no longer live at CTC/or are no longer desired by current CTC residents. CTC maintenance will begin tagging personal belongings in public spaces with a tie tag starting in August. You must claim your tagged possessions by August 31 by writing your name and address on the tie tags* located on the item.

*Historically the tie tags have been orange, but the tag color is subject to change.

Owners Must Claim Items by August 31

Write Name and Address on Tags


Yes: Bikes, grills and toys near or on bike racks around One-Bedroom buildings and near the Phase IV buildings.

No: No items directly behind Two-Bedroom Splits or Phase IV will be tagged. 


If anything you own has a tag on it, write your name and address on the tag and leave the tag on until August 31.

All possessions (especially bikes!) must be claimed and organized by August 31. Any abandoned bikes and items that are not claimed by August 31 will be removed.


If no tag is placed on any of your possessions at all within the claiming period, then your object is safe and will not be removed; no action needed!

Tagging (and Claiming) Year-Round

While there is typically an official "Claim Day" event in the late summer or fall at CTC, items can be tagged at any time throughout the year, as needed. Thus, check on your outdoor items on a periodic basis (we recommend weekly), and follow the same "Claim Day" instructions, writing your contact information on the tie tag before the due date indicated near the bottom of the tag.

Continuously Keep Outdoor Spaces Tidy


Eliminating all yard and outdoor clutter is an on-going requirement for all residents to fulfill year-round, per CTC's Clutter + Debris Policy. In which case, Yard Inspections can occur at any time throughout the season without notice; thus, continuously keep yard spaces neat and tidy to avoid incurring any fees.