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Board of Directors Corner

Dear Residents,

We hope that you are having a wonderful time in CTC. In case if you are unfamiliar with MINNESNOWTAN winter and are confined in your silos - reach out. You will definitely find many others like you. Why don't you try something new - knock at your neighbor's door and plan a skiing trip (or other outdoor activity) together. If  you don't like outdoor events, there are a lot of indoor events planned by CTC. You can participate in those and make new friends.  After all, we all live in a cooperative. Friendship and trust are a cornerstones of any Coop. So reach out, make friends and enjoy MINNESNOWTA!

Thanking you once again on behalf of the board.

Vivek Bhandari
Board Member

The CTC Board of Directors is looking for a few cooperative members who would like to commit to a 2 year term as a board member.  The work of the board is to help work on challenges that affect the members of CTC. If you are interested in this task, and in learning more about how the business works from the inside, the board member job description and application is available online. Completed applications can be submitted to the CTC Office. The new members will be elected at the CTC Annual Members Meeting Spring 2015. Everyone is welcome to attend the monthly Board meetings to see how the process works. Have additional questions? Feel free to stop in to meet with General Manager Kris Graham for details of the work of the board or email