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Help Your Co-op

The main ways residents can help CTC are by joining the cooperative, attending to basic member and resident responsibilities, conserving utilities, being a good neighbor and being attentive to community safety, participating in community events and by volunteering.

Benefits and Responsibilities of Cooperative Membership:

Membership in the cooperative is not mandatory for CTC residents. The responsibilities of membership are few, but the benefits are plentiful.

Requirements of CTC members are as follows:

  • Payment of the one-time membership fee.
  • Participate in laundry room cleaning rotation within your ward.
  • Attend the annual and quarterly members meetings.
  • Participate in fall & spring clean-ups.
  • You are also encouraged and expected to serve on a committee of your choice.

Click HERE for more more details on laundry room cleaning, the required new resident orientation and other ways membership responsibilities are essential.

Some benefits of membership that you can experience follow:

  • An investment in a strong community
  • Having a vote towards new and upcoming policy changes
  • A monthly rental discount, and a patronage refund in years with budget surpluses.
  • Building leadership, organizational, communication and problem solving skills
  • Gaining familiarity with cooperative operations
  • Building lasting friendships

Such experiences can be influential in various aspects of your future endeavors long after living at CTC.

Ways to Volunteer and be more Involved in CTC:

  • Help during community events: Assisting with one-time or annual community events is a great way to help CTC be a strong community and a fun place to live.
  • Join a committee: Join one of the standing committees (listed below) to lend your hand to the organization and governance of CTC, and in planning community events.
    • Programs Committee: plans activities and events for CTC residents.
    • Operations Committee: works with CTC management on policies and procedures relating to the grounds, safe, efficient, and cost-effective operations, and activities that promote member involvement.
    • Finance Committee: reviews the operational budget as well as the annual audit, proposed rents and fees, and CTC investments.
    • Nominating Committee: responsible for recruiting persons who will be good Board members and will carry out the co-op goals.
  • Become a Ward Representative: welcome new residents and serve as a resource contact, coordinate monthly and annual duties, and refer resident inquiries to appropriate sources.
  • Join the Board of Directors: The Board of Directors oversees and is accountable for the activities of the corporation. The Board hires the General Manager to oversee operational activities, it sets policy, and it reviews financial reports and the annual budget. The Board, in conjunction with the General Manager and with the input of the standing committees, sets long and short range goals for the cooperative community.