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TED Talk Tuesdays

Join us for our engaging event series, "TED Talk Tuesdays," for a TED Talk screening, interactive discussion, and community bonding!

TED Talk Tuesdays

This event series is organized by a group of CTC residents and non-residents, Visiting Scholars Ministry (VSM). 

Each week, we'll gather to watch an inspiring TED Talk video carefully chosen to spark thought-provoking conversations. After the video, we'll come together for a friendly and inclusive discussion about the ideas presented. Whether you're a fluent English speaker or looking to improve your language skills, this event is for you!

This event is also about forging connections within our community. Share your insights, exchange ideas, and get to know your neighbors in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

Upcoming Dates (3 weeks):
RSVP, Please!

Please let the organizers know if you plan to attend for their appropriate planning: RSVP here.


Email for any questions!

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About Visiting Scholars Ministry (VSM)

Visiting Scholars Ministry (VSM) is a registered graduate student organization that welcomes and serves all visiting scholars and post-docs. We strive to provide enriching experiences during their stay in America by introducing them to American culture, life, and Christian faith.

Start your own group or event —it's easy, and we're here to help!

This event, like the majority of CTC's events and groups, is made possible by one or more resident volunteers. 

Do you have an idea of an activity or event for our community? Or want to teach or learn a new skill or hobby or aspect of life? Do you want to help volunteer to bring your or other's ideas into fruition? Email CTC's Community Outreach Manager and/or join CTC's Programs Committee at our next meeting to brainstorm and discuss ideas!