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Apr. Operations Meeting

**ONLINE MEETING: April 9th at 6 pm** Our Operations Committee meets every second Thursday of the month at 6 pm in the Community Center Meeting Room (first floor).

Virtual meeting via Zoom at 6 pm. Please email for the meeting agenda and Meeting ID. 

Event Description

All are welcome to attend one or multiple meetings, as dependent on your interests, initiatives, and availability! If you wish to receive the email prior to the meetings with the respective agenda and topics, please contact

Now merged with our former Landscape and Environmental Design Task Force, this collaborative committee promotes policy initiatives that are safe, resourceful, and sustainable, in addition to enhancing aesthetic, cost-effectiveness, and non-harmful methodologies for our grounds.

Our co-op committees promote community building and directly influence co-op decision-making in various sectors of our multifaceted co-op. This enables our committee members to develop a comprehensive understanding of the co-op’s operations, strong leadership skills, and an enhanced ability to think critically.

Current Tasks

Yard Compliance

Goal - Enhance and substantiate the policy, then ensuring residents are informed about the policy and why it is there. 

Action - In preparation for the February meeting, please consider the list of plants/vegetation you find acceptable and not acceptable to plant in individual apartment garden areas. Full listing and policy of yard compliance will be the conversation at the meeting. Once thoroughly analyzed, the committee will report recommendation of change. 

Pesticide and Herbicide Use

Goal - Inform community of the recent changes to reduce chemical use on co-op grounds, informing the community of zones that chemicals will continue to be implemented in and the respective warnings.

Action - Approve Pesticide and Herbicide informational sheet for eventual distribution. The PDF is simply to show the visual that this will be similar to, this is not a PDF final version. Please review and add any track changes you see necessary. You may add additional questions as a comment. We will compile all of these questions to UMN Landcare and report back. 

SMS Text Messaging

Goal - Provide another, more effective communication tool to notify the community of urgent situations. Residents can opt-in to receive such alerts, which could include important notices where immediate action is required for safety or to avoid a fee. 

Action -  Revised report on the SMS Text message we sent to the Board of Directors. It was approved, but we did need to revise the Live safety alert section due to University Reporting compliance and legal issues. We are not authorized to send through our SMS Text messaging. 


Goal -  Divert as much kitchen waste as possible from the landfill stream, as well as provide a place on site to compost weeds etc. and generate compost for our gardens. 

Action - Currently confirming the elected process is appropriate for our cooperative, then will move forward with announcements and signage.