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Community Meeting Invite

The Comcast/Infinity Cable T.V. service contract is ending soon, so the CTC Board of Directors is asking residents to consider a decision that would change the type of communication service included in the cost of rent. Currently, cable T.V. is included, but Comcast/Infinity has offered CTC a bulk rate for 75mbps of Internet access, instead of cable T.V., for the same cost as they are currently charging for cable T.V. service.   
Because many past and current residents have stated a preference for Internet access as a part of living at CTC, the board is considering Comcast's offer for Internet. This would mean that cable would no longer be purchased as a bulk rate, therefore not included in the cost of rent.
There will be several opportunities available for residents to give input and ask questions regarding this change:
The Board will be holding a community meeting in the upstairs party room on Wednesday, April 27th, at 6:30pm.  You are encouraged to attend and join a discussion with other residents and a representative of Comcast about this change and what it will mean to you. During Spring clean-up, there will be an informal survey available to each resident, results which the Board will take into consideration. And, as always, residents are welcome to attend any Board of Directors meeting. The next meeting will be May 4, 6:30pm at the community center.

We are in the early stages of this decision, so please plan to attend and participate in the opportunities provided in order to get the best, first-hand information.   

Thanks to all of you.  

CTC Board of Directors