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Trick-orTreating at CTC

For Trick-or-Treating at CTC:

Halloween signs will be available at the CTC Front desk the week of October 23th. Residents who plan to offer candy to trick-or-treaters on Halloween evening are asked to take on paper sign and tape it on the FRONT door of your residence. This makes it obvious who is participating in this tradition and who is not. Just like last year, we ask all families to only approach the front doors of units that have this indication of a sign. Please do NOT approach the front doors that do not have signs. Unlike past years, there will be no trick-or-treating event in the Community Center Building.


If you DON'T want to pass out treats, close your blinds in the front and back. 

If you WILL be trick or treating, it is always best to accompany your kids, or go as a group. CTC is a great, safe place but at night it's helpful to be with your kids. Most areas of CTC have good lights, but carrying a flashlight helps others see your kids.

Most children will start trick or treating between 5 and 6pm. Have fun!


If you are new to the United States you may not have had the experience of trick or treating on Halloween night, a tradition (mainly in the U.S.) where younger children dress up in costumes and go door to door in their neighborhoods and ask for treats by knocking and yelling, "Trick or Treat!" Families at home typically have treats ready by the door to give to each child. Most families choose to give candy that is wrapped in paper. Any store will have big bags of candy that are ideal for this. Some families choose to pass out a pencil, sticker, fruit snacks, mini-boxes of raisins or other non-candy item.
Most children and parents are advised NOT to eat any fresh fruit that is passed out, so it would be a waste of your money to pass out an apple or orange.
At CTC you probably won't need more than 20-30 pieces of candy, unless you pass out more than one piece.
If you don't have any treats ready it's OKAY! Just wave to the kids and say you ate them all.
If you go door to door with your child, take a bag with you to collect the treats. KNOCK ONLY ONCE. If there is no answer, move to the next house.
Most children start knocking on doors around 5 or 6pm.
It is a fun night of walking and meeting neighbors, especially the little ones dressed up's always fun to guess!

Have fun and be safe!