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Nov. Operations Meeting

The Operations Committee meeting is rescheduled for November 18 at 6 pm in the Community Center Meeting Room due to the Thanksgiving holiday conflicting with their usual meeting schedule. 

All are welcome to attend one or multiple meetings, as dependent on your interests, initiatives, and availability! If you wish to receive the email prior to the meetings with the respective agenda and topics, please contact

Now merged with our former Landscape and Environmental Design Task Force, this collaborative committee promotes policy initiatives that are safe, resourceful, and sustainable, in addition to enhancing aesthetic, cost-effectiveness, and non-harmful methodologies for our grounds.

Our co-op committees promote community building and directly influence co-op decision-making in various sectors of our multifaceted co-op. This enables our committee members to develop a comprehensive understanding of the co-op’s operations, strong leadership skills, and an enhanced ability to think critically.

First Task: Parking Policies

Until more detail arrive via the email list, our Board of Directors recently tasked the Operations Committee to look at the current Parking policies and evaluate possible changes to address resident concerns and suggestions. The following link expresses the current discussion and questions for your review before the first meeting: The Board would like a report and recommendation for a new policy from the committee by the Board's January 2020 meeting (Wednesday, Jan. 22). 

Future Tasks:

Composting, chemical usage on property and needed changes, yard compliance (defining acceptable plants). Topics are contributed by both the committee and community at large. Make a suggestion, induce operational change!

October Meeting Review

A couple of take-home points from the October meeting, a productive start to our Operations season!

  1. Implement a trial parking exclusion area this winter in the regions experiencing the greatest difficulty (Ward 9 and 3/Knapp and Fifield Ave)
  2. Ward Reps monitor and enforce parking policies after-hours
  3. Verena Billman has temporarily assumed the position of Committee Chair until another member steps forward
  4. Byju Govindan, is the committee's Board Liasion. Byju serves as the Board Vice Chair and will represent the committee's initiatives and policy proposals to the CTC Board of Directors
  5. Next meeting is rescheduled for Monday, Nov. 18th due to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday

Retrieve the full October Meeting Agenda and Minutes and pertinent Parking Policy Review.

November Meeting Follow-up

A couple of take-home points from the November meeting, a productive start to our Operations season!

  1. CTC's Board passed the proposed solution to require resident vehicle registration to prevent abuse of parking permits. This will be implemented in stages, starting with a pilot zone as soon as possible.
  2. Begin tackling new tasks: compost process, yard compliance regulations, and community text messaging alerts
  3. No December meeting due to the Board moving forward with our parking policy solution. Instead, we allow and encourage any other comments or suggestions by email communication for the next few weeks. Management will continue to work with best roll out policy of the registration and working through the recommendations, but if you want to give any immediate suggestions from the residents side, please contact the office. Please send all communications to this by December 16, 2019. The next Operations Meeting will take place on January 27, 2020.

Retrieve the full November Meeting Agenda and Minutes, which also includes all policy and process review for our upcoming tasks.

All are welcome to attend the meetings without any commitment or even involvement! The meetings are great opportunities to bring ideas, feedback, and opinions for our committee's attention and action - or just kick back and listen/learn more of the discussion.

Want more info on the committee or communicate with them outside the meetings? Email!