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Jan. Operations Meeting

CTC's Operations Committee meets every fourth Monday of the month at 6 pm in the Community Center Meeting Room (first floor), with October 28th kicking off the season!

All are welcome to attend one or multiple meetings, as dependent on your interests, initiatives, and availability! If you wish to receive the email prior to the meetings with the respective agenda and topics, please contact

Now merged with our former Landscape and Environmental Design Task Force, this collaborative committee promotes policy initiatives that are safe, resourceful, and sustainable, in addition to enhancing aesthetic, cost-effectiveness, and non-harmful methodologies for our grounds.

Our co-op committees promote community building and directly influence co-op decision-making in various sectors of our multifaceted co-op. This enables our committee members to develop a comprehensive understanding of the co-op’s operations, strong leadership skills, and an enhanced ability to think critically.

Concluding Task: Parking Policies

Our Board of Directors recently tasked the Operations Committee to look at the current Parking policies and evaluate possible changes to address resident concerns and suggestions. Read neighbors' concerns initiating the changes. Our committee proposed three solutions addressing neighbors' primary concerns of neighbors to the Board of Directors at their recent November meeting.

Of the three proposed, one solution was motioned and passed by the Board, which addressed the first concern: parking permits are in vehicles that do not belong to CTC residents (either sold or given away to friends). The Board agreed that residents must prove authenticity of ownership in order to register their vehicle at CTC, serving as a means to counteract current parking permit abuse. Without providing proper documentation, residents' parking permits can be denied or confiscated. Acquiring this registration from all currently registered vehicles will be difficult, in which CTC's office will work in phases to obtain registration to alleviate the strain on administration. Stay tuned for when it's your opportunity to prove your vehicle's registration!

Fresh Tasks to Tackle


Goal -  Divert as much kitchen waste as possible from the landfill stream, as well as provide a place on site to compost weeds etc. and generate compost for our gardens. 

Action - Currently confirming the elected process is appropriate for our cooperative, then will move forward with announcements and signage. 

Yard Compliance

Goal - Enhance and substantiate the policy, then ensuring residents are informed about the policy and why it is there. 

Action - Evaluate allowed items and the respective notice and fines for items that are not. Once thoroughly analyzed, the committee will report recommendation of change.

SMS Text Messaging

Goal - Provide another, more effective communication tool to notify the community of urgent situations. Residents can opt-in to receive such alerts, which could include important notices where immediate action is required for safety or to avoid a fee. 

Action - Devise a report to propose to the Board with recommendation of items that are deemed appropriate for community-wide text messaging alerts. Items for consideration include Snow Emergencies, Fire Extinguisher Exchange, and live safety alerts

December/January Meeting Recap

There was no December meeting due to the Board moving forward with our parking policy solution. Instead, we welcomed feedback from community members during this time. Retrieve the full November Meeting Agenda and Minutes for more information. 

Update: Retrieve the full January Meeting Agenda and Minutes, which also includes all policy and process review for our upcoming tasks. Want more info on the committee or communicate with them outside the meetings? Email!