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National Night Out (NNO)

National Night Out is an annual nationwide event that encourages residents to get out in the community, holding block parties and getting to know their neighbors as a way to encourage crime prevention. It's a great way to promote community-police partnerships and enjoy a Minnesota summer evening surrounded by friends and family. 

Our co-op’s National Night Out celebration will take place on Tuesday, August 6th from 5:00 – 7:00 pm in the Ward 8 Sport Court area (View map). CTC will host a block party for our residents to celebrate NNO, providing the opportunity to meet University Police Officers, enjoy activities/treats/special prizes, and overall unite to keep CTC safe against crime!

Special Guests:

Why Celebrate National Night Out?

As with many past National Night Outs, Minneapolis has been ranked #1 among all U.S. cities over 250,000 population for many years, and was ranked #2 in 2018 -- so it's a big deal here!! NNO has proven to be an effective and enjoyable opportunity to promote neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships in pursuit of safer communities. Community benefits often extend beyond this single evening event as neighbors get to know each other and public safety agencies that serve them.

NNO's Effective Mission: