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Garden Plot Lottery

When: Thursday, April 14, 2016

Place: Community Center- Fireplace Room

Time: 7:00pm

Needed: $50 deposit check ($25 is refundable at end of season if plot is cleaned)

NEW! There will be 6 new garden plots added to CTC. This totals 49 plots in 6 plot locations. The new Plot F will be located near the peace garden.

A garden plot requires a $50 deposit with $25 refundable with a clean plot at the end of the season. Please bring Garden plot deposit the night of the lottery. ONLY (1) plot per household during the lottery.


The first 49 gardeners in line will draw a number for the plot selection. The number drawn reflects the numerical order you will be placed in to choose your plot. All others beyond the first 49 will be placed on a waiting list.


Take time BEFORE the lottery to check out the six garden plot areas to see where you would like to be for the season. Check the MAP of garden site locations. Be sure to have a first, second and third choice of garden plot locations. Remember to think about the following factors when choosing: what you will be planting, amount of sunlight/shade, water access, and compost location.

Feel free to stop in the CTC office to view the map of garden lot locations and garden plot sizes or ask any questions. NO GARDENING OR PLOT SELECTION PRIOR TO LOTTERY IS ALLOWED.

Can’t Make the Lottery?

Have a friend or neighbor attend for you!


If there are available plots after the lottery, you will have on week to come into the CTC office to select an open plot. After the first week post-lottery anyone is welcome to a second plot.

See you at the lottery and Happy Gardening!