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Free Chinese Class

Fireplace room
Mondays, February 8th- March 28th

Please contact Rong Han if you are wanting to participate in these classes. It is expected that you attend all 8 classes to get the full learning experience.

What to expect:

Pinyin: which introduce to the students from the very beginning. The  Pinyin above the Chinese characters is gradually removed to ensure a smooth transition.

Chinese characters: which are taught  according to the character formation system . Once the students have a good  grasp of radical and simple characters, they will be able to analyze most of the compound characters they encounter,and to memorize new characters in a logical way.

Grammar and sentence structures: which are explained in note form.The students are expected to sue correct grammar and compound sentence structures in both oral and written forms to communicate  when their overall level of Chinese has steadily improved.

Speaking: this practice involves  students using Chinese to communicate their thoughts spontaneously in real life situations with accuracy and fluency.

reading: this skill is developed through regular  reading of simple  passage to suit the students level .

Writing : this skill is gradually developed through a process of process of guide writing on topic familiar to the students.

Officially people who attend the class  need to come every Monday night since Feb 8th until March 28th. They had better not drop in once involved, expect some urgency happened  on them. I definitely  encourage them to come every Monday until finished. It is a free Chinese Class for CTC residents who are interested in Chinese and want to learn Mandarin.