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Monthly Food/Supplies Collection

Donate food + supplies to communities in need by dropping bags off at the Community Center south entrance between 9 am - 11 am.

Drop off between 9 am - 11 am

If you’d like to donate food or supplies to communities in need, please leave your bags at the south entrance of the Community Center (1250 Fifield Place) between 9 am-11 am. All contributions will be donated to Keystone Community Services, a nearby a nonprofit working to improve the quality of life of individuals, families, seniors and youth, through food shelves and programs to support basic needs and crisis assistance.

Future Donation Drives

Update - July 2022:

*July 29, 2022, is the last scheduled donation drive. We are currently looking for volunteers to continue the drives, as our neighborhood volunteer who previously coordinated the drives is no longer able to continue after May. If you (or a team of volunteers) want to continue the drives for June and beyond, please contact Lindy at!

Limit bag weight to 15 lb

What to Donate

Food Items:

Hygiene Supplies: 

In addition to separating crushable items between donation bags, please limit bag weight to 15 lb. or less.

No Household Items

Do not donate household items to CTC's donation drive (e.g. clothes, shoes, binders, stuffed animals, and kitchen pans). Our monthly donation site, Keystone Services, will not accept household items, in which they will be thrown away. You can donate household items at Goodwill or Freecycle, not CTC.

Need help or want to help?

Questions or want to volunteer organizing/dropping off the donations? Contact us!