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Trick-or-Treating at CTC

For those interested in giving or receiving candy in part of the trick-or-treating tradition for Halloween on Oct. 31, please look for/post the CTC Door Signs and adhere to the safety guidelines below.

Rules for Treat Givers to follow: 

  1. For those participating in handing out treats, please print out the CTC Trick-or-Treat Door Sign and tape on your front door. Printed signs are also available at the Community Center's South Entrance (Fifield Place) on the bulletin board. 
  2. For those not participating in handing out treats, close your blinds in the front and back. 
  3. Highly recommend propping open screen/storm doors. This will be one less surface for Trick or Treaters to touch. It will also help keep their distance since they will not have to hold the screen/storm doors open, themselves. Remember to close them at end of night to avoid damage to door. 
  4. Recommend marking a spot on sidewalk for Trick or Treaters to stand (at least 6 ft from your door) when waiting to receive treats. This will help Trick or Treaters know where a safe distance is at. 
  5. Face masks must be worn when greeting Trick or Treaters. According to CDC, costume masks are not substitutes for cloth masks. Wearing a cloth mask under a costume mask can also be dangerous as it will make breathing more difficult.  
  6. Hands must be gloved/sanitized when handing out treats. 
  7. Get creative!
    • Use a homemade candy chutes/slides. 
    • Use tongs or long serving spoons when handing out candy! 
  8. Pass out wrapped and sealed candies, pencils, fruit snacks, stickers, or other small non-candy items. Passing out fresh fruit is not advised for safety reasons. 
  9. Once you are done, take down your sign and disinfect doorknobs, doorbells or other surfaces Trick or Treaters may have touched. 

Rules of Treat-or-Treaters and accompanying Parents: 

  1. Only visit the doors with the CTC Trick-or-Treat Door Sign. Do not visit the other doors! 
  2. Wear face masks when receiving treats and when walking pass other Trick-or-Treaters in close proximity. According to CDC, costume masks are not substitutes for cloth masks. Wearing a cloth mask under a costume mask can also be dangerous as it will make breathing more difficult.  
  3. Keep Trick-or-Treating groups small! 
  4. Keep a distance of at least six feet from other groups when lining up to receive treats. 
  5. Do not draw decorations on facemask. Markers/paint have fumes that would be directly inhaled by the wearer.  
  6. Bring Hand sanitizer! 
  7. Avoid touching doors and other surfaces as much a possible and always sanitize when you have.  
  8. Once you’ve knock on the door/rang doorbell, take 4-5 steps back away from the door or stand on marked spot if there is one.  
  9. Avoid eating/touching treats until you are home, complete candy inspection for signs of tampering, and have washed your hands. 
  10. Don’t forget to say “Trick or Treat!” 

CDC Recommendations:

Do not participate in Trick or Treating/Handing out candy if…. 

Is Halloween and Trick-or-Treating new to you?

Join us the night before for a History of Halloween presentation on Oct. 30, or find general information from Trick-or-Treating 2019.