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Fire Extinguisher Exchange 2021

Mandatory Exchange Event: All households must bring their fire extinguisher to the CTC garages on Feb. 17 or 18 between 7:30 am - 5pm to receive a new one. Nonparticipants will incur a $30 fee, with maintenance replacing the extinguisher for you.

CTC has the responsibility to keep all of our residents safe, which includes keeping fire extinguishers up to date and fully functioning. CTC does not operate with much disposable funding, thus to keep rent dues as low as possible and redirect as many resources back into the community, we need your help to exchange the fire extinguishers in our community.

We hire an outside company to make the switch, in which each exchange day costs us a significant amount of money for the service. Therefore, to use our resources most efficiently, we need one resident of each household to bring their Fire Extinguisher to trade for a new one on either February 17 or 18. Meet us at the Community Center garages behind the CTC Office (facing Commonwealth Ave) between 7:30 am - 5:00 pm to receive a new fire extinguisher.

Exchange Process:

Enter the service door near garage on the northside of the Community Center building. Facemasks required indoors.

  1. Drop Off: Place old fire extinguisher on table
  2. Check in: Tell staff origin of old extinguisher (e.g. your CTC home address)
  3. Pick up: Take new extinguisher for replacement

Then exit by following signs posted. The exit door is different than the door you initially entered through.

Facemasks Required

Everyone is required to wear a facemask, properly covering both nose and mouth, while inside the building.

Social Distance at Exchange Site

Due to COVID-19 guidelines, we will be putting in place an updated flow of traffic in the Community Center garages to ensure social distancing for residents and staff.  Additionally, the change will limit contact of touching pens at sign-in, completed by the staff member working. Residents will still plan to enter through the service door near the garage doors as they have always done in the past. 

What if I Can't Make the Exchange?

Ask a friend, neighbor, or Ward Rep if they can make the switch for you if no one in your household is able to. The fire extinguisher just needs to be exchanged; it doesn’t matter by who! Ensure you plan ahead if you ask someone else, as you may need to either leave a key to your apartment or give your fire extinguisher to the person completing the exchange for you. If it isn't possible for a neighbor or friend to bring your fire extinguisher over, our maintenance staff can take care of it for a small fee of $30.

What if I’m quarantining or have symptoms of COVID-19?

If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 or are in quarantine during this two-day exchange event, CTC is offering a make-up day free of charge on Wednesday, February 24, 2021, between 8 am-3 pm. It is imperative that you come during the scheduled two-day event of Feb. 17 or 18 due to the scheduling of the company hired, and this make-up date is only offered as a last resort. 

Where is My Fire Extinguisher?

Assisting your Ward Rep

Our Ward Representatives must exchange the extinguisher in every laundry room throughout the co-op. It can be a lot to carry an extra 2-6 extinguishers each year, in which maybe you could offer to exchange one in your area to lighten their load! Contact your Ward Rep to see how you can help/which extinguishers still need replacing.

Where Do I Exchange My Fire Extinguisher?

Come to the garages of the Community Center behind the CTC Office (on Fifield Ave facing Commonwealth Ave) between 7:30 am - 5:00 pm to receive a new fire extinguisher. View map.

Complete Fire Extinguisher Exchange at CTC Garages
Exchange at the Community Center garages on Fifield Ave, which faces north to Knapp and Commonwealth Ave.

Thank you for your cooperation and please contact the office if you have any questions!

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