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COGS Family Picnic

All are welcome to join COGS for an picnic near CTC's Peace Garden on May 19 from 12-5 pm! Food will be provided.

COGS Family Picnic at CTC!

Hosted by the UMN Council of Graduate Students (COGS), enjoy a free picnic dinner with neighbors and COGs members. Celebrate end of year with fun BBQ and picnic at the beautiful lawn at CTC.

Event goes from 12-5pm! Come and go anytime you want, and enjoy great time and free food with other students! 

All are welcome, especially CTC residents and UMN graduate students, spouses, partners, kids, and friends! 

Event Details:
Non-CTC residents:

Please park off CTC grounds and join us at the Peace Garden (parking on CTC grounds is permit-required). 

RSVP, Please!

Please let the organizers know if you plan to attend for their appropriate planning: RSVP here.

About Council of Graduate Students (COGS)

The Council of Graduate Students (COGS) is the Recognized Student Governance Association (RSGA) at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities campus that represents, advocates for, informs, facilitates communications among, and supports Twin Cities graduate students (students who are seeking a research degree: a Ph.D. or a Master's that is associated with a Ph.D. program).