Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees and is accountable for the activities of the corporation. The Board hires the General Manager to oversee operational activities, it sets policy, and it reviews financial reports and the annual budget. The Board, in conjunction with the General Manager and with the input of the standing committees, sets long and short range goals for the cooperative community.

CTC conducts its affairs democratically and on a non-profit basis with the goals of providing all residents with affordable housing, a sense of community, and opportunities for participation in enriching activities and programs.

Community Voices

Please take the time to fill out the Community Voices Form with suggestions and compliments. This can be emailed to or turned in at the CTC office.

Current Directors

The Board is made up of nine CTC member resident volunteers and who are elected by the CTC membership at the Annual Meeting. Either four or five directors are elected each year to serve two-year terms.

Grace Bell - Board President Dustin Chernick- Executive Board member
Michael Herrrmann   - Board Vice President   Guisheng Zhang  - Executive Board member
Matthew Young- Board Secretary Jaddy Yuhong- Board Director
Paul Bigwood- Board Treasurer Kate Sammons - Board Director  
Javiera Mondarez Popelka - Board Director

Director Application

If you are interested in becoming a board director, please review the job description and submit your completed application to the CTC Office by the due date prior to the election at the Annual Meeting.

- Board Member Job Description             - Board Member Nomination Application

Monthly Meeting Agenda

January 2018

Monthly Meeting Minutes of Board of Directors

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Financial Report

See overview of related statements of revenue and expenses.

Fiscal years end June 30, 2011 & 2010  
2012 Annual Report  
2013 Annual Report    2012-2013 Audit  
2014 Annual Report  2013-2014 Audit
2015 Annual Report  2014-2015 Audit
2016 Annual Report 2015-2016 Audit
2017 Annual Report

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