Utility Details

Set up Internet Services:

Although internet is included in your rental rate, you will need to set up the services in your name and pick up all equipment.

Please contact the Xfinity bulk account number: 1-855-307-4896.

Select Home Service and follow Menu. It will prompt you to accept an installation charge. Please continue by accepting this. Any charges that show up on a future invoice can be emailed to daniel_gedatus@comcast.com and will be removed.

If you are having trouble or would like assistance, you can then contact Dan Gedatus, Daniel_Gedatus@comcast.com, 651-493-5137.

It is suggested that you have request a professional set up and have a technician install your internet. We suggest you call before your move in date to set up a time on your move in day or shortly after. If you call to schedule, you will be 3-5 business days out before they can come.

Additional Utility information:

If you choose, you will need to pay for phone and cable TV services yourself.

If you choose to purchase and install air conditioners, dishwashers, deep-freezer, or mini refrigerator, you will need to register and pay a monthly surcharge with your rental rate for the months these appliances are installed. CTC does not provide these extra appliances. 

Second-car parking spots are available upon registration and are an additional charge of $30 per month.

Phone: 651-646-7526
Fax: 651-646-3319