Landscape and Environmental Design Task Force

Next Meeting 3/5/2019 at 5:00PM in the Fireplace room

Agenda includes finalizing playground design and next non-chemical focused steps in the CTC landscape and communication plan.

At the latest meeting, the CTC's LED task force voted on the new turf management strategy that will accompany the switch to herbicide-free lawn maintenance.

The new 2019 turf management program is consistent with the goal to reduce herbicides on property. The map shows the two small locations near Ward 1 that will continue to use old turf management methods, including herbicides, but the majority of the property will follow our new program.

Currently, a 24-0-11; 30-60 day slow release formula with 50% PCSCUfertilizer is applied in the spring and the fall. In order to give the grass a chance to compete with the weeds now that there will be no assistance from herbicides, fertilizer must still be applied. While a survey of CTC residents determined that the majority of people are comfortable with some weeds in the lawn, allowing weeds to completely take over will permit increased soil loss, as weeds do not have as extensive of a root system as grass, which holds soil in place. The new fertilizer regime will consist of one application of 35-0-10; 120 day release formula, 100% poly coated, ~95% slow releasefertilizer in the spring.

Slow-release fertilizer is better for the environment, in that it releases fertilizer into the lawn at a rate that the grass can take it up, reducing the chance that the nutrients will wash away into nearby waterways or groundwater. This is only the first step in LED's mission towards a more sustainable landscape at CTC.

As a result of this newly adopted turf management plan, there is no need for the signs "I'll take Care of my Weeds" Signs. It would be greatly appreciated if you please remove them and return them to the office.

Future discussions will revolve around monitoring the new herbicide-fee lawn, reducing fertilizer inputs, and transitioning areas from high-maintenance turf to low-maintenance grasses or natural plantings. If you have any questions or want to get involved, feel free to reach out and contact us!  

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