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If in the future you lose all of your mail box keys or need to request a lock change, you will need to do this with the Roseville post office. The CTC office does have request forms for you.

Roseville USPS Phone: 651-631-0628

Roseville USPS
2000 County Road B2
Roseville, MN 55113

USPS Information Update:

1.    If you receive a package, the carrier will put a parcel key in your mail box. You use that key to open the corresponding parcel box. The key will remain in the box lock once you insert it.

2.    If your package requires a signature, the carrier will attempt to deliver it to your door and then leave a note inside your mail box.

3.    All names on the label inside your box need to be correct for all lease holders. If you have any other name receiving mail, you will need to register this name with the CTC office and post office.

4.    Please pick up your mail regularly. If you do not pick up your mail, the carrier will stop delivering daily and will stop all package deliveries.

5.    If packages are too large, they will be left at your front door or inside the one bedroom buildings.

6.    If you have still not received keys or are having any trouble, please email

7.    If you transfer, have a change of household, are a new move in or move out, you do need to complete a change of address form directly with USPS.

8.    If you lose all of your USPS keys, you will need to contact the Roseville post office directly.

Phone: 651-646-7526
Fax: 651-646-3319